Frequent questions about our service

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Who are we?

UPPERSAFE is managed by a team of several security experts and is part of Dev2lead.

How to activate my account?

A confirmation email has been sent to you after your account creation (it can take several minutes). This email contains a link on which you have to click to activate your account.

How to use the service?

You can download the application or manually configure your VPN access by following the guides.

Where to find my VPN credentials?

Your username and your password are visible in your account. Please note that your VPN credentials are different than your account credentials (it is not your email address).

What is the bandwidth?

The bandwidth is the transmission speed of your data on the Internet. The higher it is, the faster is your VPN access. However the VPN cannot increase your initial bandwidth.

How to uninstall the application?

Kill the process of the application, remove the file and restart your session (or your computer).

Do you keep logs?

We do not keep logs on our servers that could create a risk for your anonymity, all our servers are specifically configured to preserve and reinforce your anonymity and your security.

Do you allow torrents?

We allow torrents as long as we do not receive a DMCA complaint. However please note that your account may be permanently blocked if our system receives several complaints.

How to check my VPN access status?

You can easily check that you are connected to the VPN by visiting our website.

Why my location is in another country?

Many websites use your IP address to geolocate you. When you are connected to the VPN, your IP address is replaced by the one of the VPN server.

How many devices can use my VPN access?

We tolerate multiple devices (your computer, your tablet and your smartphone for example). However please note that your account may be permanently blocked if our system detects an abuse.

How to get a refund?

We offer 7 days of free trial, which is enough to try our VPN service. In consequence, none of our subscriptions is refundable. Thank you for your comprehension.