Privacy policy

By using the services of the company DEV2LEAD, you commit to accept the privacy policy exposed in this document.

Data collection from our website

We collect some personal data (your full name and your email address) for the creation of your account. We use your IP address in order to display you the most appropriate lang on the website and also for security reasons. We collect some data, in an anonymous way, on how users interact with our website. It allows us to analyze the behavior of the visitors and to optimize the content of some pages. Several services that we have on the website, mainly for that purpose, can use cookies. Most of the data that we collect cannot be used to explicitly identify a specific person.

Data collection from our VPN

We collect the date and the time of the authentication process on the servers to avoid any kind of attacks by bruteforce on an account. We also collect the date of all the malicious requests that are blocked by our firewall to provide some activity reports to our users. Apart from that, we do not keep other logs on our servers and none of these logs could compromise the anonymity of our users. Finally, we want to insist on the fact that we are not able to identify a specific person at a specific time because we do know when our users disconnect from the VPN.