Discover the comfort of being safe

Do not worry anymore about your security, let our service take care of your protection


Compatible with all your devices

A universal protection for your computers, tablets, smartphones, cameras, etc.


Preserve your privacy

Become anonymous on the Internet and prevent hackers from spying on you through your cameras.


Keep control of your devices

Block cyber attacks and close the door to intruders on all your devices.


Ensure your peace of mind

Protect yourself from cyber threats and avoid the theft of your credit card or the theft of your identity.


Prevent the hack of your files

Secure your data and do not risk anymore to lose your memories or your documents.

Some reviews about UPPERSAFE

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Peace of mind when I'm in airports or hotels! It's easy to configure and the service offers a really good protection.


I now have a global protection compatible with all my devices! It's very useful and I'm really happy to use this service.


I finally found a protection solution that meets my expectations. It's good to know that I'm fully secure!

Charles WILSON