How does it work?

Our firewall ensures you an efficient protection against cyber threats. It blocks everything that could be dangerous for your devices and prevents the hack of your data.

Our VPN creates a secure tunnel between your devices and our service. It encrypts your web browsing and all your communications. It also makes you anonymous on the Internet to protect your privacy.

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Our proactive protection ensures you the best possible level of security against cyber threats (phishing, malware, ransomware, C&C server, etc). It blocks in real time everything that could be dangerous or malicious even before the threats reach your local network or your devices. We transform a complex security system, that you can find in all big companies, into something very easy to use for everyone.


Our service encrypts your whole Internet trafic. We support several VPN protocols with a strong encryption (up to 2048 bits with OpenVPN) to prevent anyone from stealing your passwords, your credit cards, your files or your sensitive data. You can safely use the public Wi-Fi available in hotels, restaurants, airports, etc.



Our VPN hides your public IP address (which is your personal identity on the Internet), we replace it with one of our servers. By using our service, nobody can analyze what you do, your online activity becomes hard to track for advertisers, search engines and everyone else. Your Internet trafic is mixed with the whole trafic of other users in order to make your web browsing anonymous.


Our servers use our own DNS to prevent anyone from spying on you (and especially to avoid MITM attacks). In addition to the VPN, you can also use our anonymous proxy service if you want to have an extra layer of security. With all of this, nobody can monitor your online activity, you can safely connect to the Internet.



Our solution is natively compatible with all major OS: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc. You can protect all your devices with our service, you simply have to configure a VPN access on each of them or directly on your router to centralize your protection. We also have some extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to quickly check that you are anonymous and secure on the Internet.


Our technical engineers constantly optimize the service and we make sure that our infrastructure always relies on the latest technologies to avoid security breaches. We have servers in 10 countries to provide you a fast and efficient protection all around the world. You can be sure that our service is accessible wherever you are.



Our VPN encrypts your web browsing but also all you communications, including your vocal and video conversations. By using our service, you can easily bypass any kind of censorship and fully access the Internet. It automatically unblocks all websites and VoIP softwares (Skype, Viber, Line, Messenger, Whatsapp, Wechat, etc).


Our service allows you to fake your location by changing your IP address with one of our servers. You can access all websites (TV channels, Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and finally enjoy the Internet without any restriction.

For an anonymous and secure Internet accessible at the least cost